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Brooklyn Troll Factory
Agent of Chaos: STARGATE division, astronomy aficionado, computers #fsociety सत्याग्रह Trump is a Traitor
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Crikey -> MT @subverzo: @WhitefishEnergy Since Whitefish Montana is such a hotbed of Nazis like Richard Soencer and Andrew Anglin
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If it's CPAC it's a Breitbart party. Real news meets fake news! @Olivianuzzi @RosieGray @mboyle1 @jwpetersNYT…
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@SergioGor @Olivianuzzi @RosieGray @mboyle1 @jwpetersNYT which one's which here? That's quite the crew
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.@dougstafford @ShyguyLife @subverzo: give @mboyle1 a break. His Trump interview was the toughest ever: