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lee colleton
Seattle, WA
We need to Keep It In The Ground and rapidly transition away from fossil carbon use. @AROrganizer’s 1st Mate. He/Him;They/Them 🎙️KI7QVI 📻
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From @sleepylemur
RT @BelferCenter: LISTEN: @RobbyMook, Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton 2016, and Matt Rhoades, Campaign Manager for Mitt Romney 2012, d…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@sleepylemur @BelferCenter: @RobbyMook lost to Trump (!) On #CNN he thought you had to either respond to Trump's schoolyard BS in kind, or be milquetoast. Smart alternative: respond by showing Trump wrong *to his base* on something else. Mook is too dim to figure that out.