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Stone Free
Cincinnati, Ohio
There is no better life, than a life spent living well. All we are is the sum total of our life's experiences. King of my hell, lord and master of my demons. 😈
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From @barbs73
There is Real economic gain in Racism/racial exploitation/racially predatory practices! The economic profit is the…
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From @Stonefree63
@barbs73 Yes, Thank U! (But we already know this, what we need now is a way 2 combat it. Havin' racism recogniz…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Stonefree63: FYI, @barbs73 has consistently sided with Big Biz against the interests of U.S. workers: It's possible to oppose *both* Trump's play acting on #immigration *and* what the Koch bros & the U.S. Chamber want.