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Barbara Arnwine
Washington, DC
Founder/President Transformative Justice Coaltition. Civil rights activist & Igniting Change Host Radio One. Securing right to #vote 4 ALL. Listen Tuesday/Noon
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.@barbs73: look deep inside yourself. Ask why you're helping Big Biz harm American workers: #immigration #libcrib
.@rugcernie: @barbs73 refuses to face up to how her #immigration policy would harm Americans:
.@barbs73: did you ever come up with an answer to my Jan 2014 question: ?
.@barbs73: OK, let's try this a Third Way. Do you think #immigration reform will raise wages? #ows #occupy #tlot
.@barbs73: is there some magical plan I'm missing that will cause #immigration "reform" to *not* lower wages?
.@barbs73: how do you jibe being a leftwinger *and* supporting #immigration policies that will enrich the rich at American workers' expense?
.@barbs73: OK, let's try this another way. USChamber, WalMart, etc. want #immigration to lower wages. Even Trumka admits that.
.@barbs73: I know the answer, but do you? What does the USChamber hope to gain from #immigration reform? Higher wages, or lower wages?
.@ProfCiara: @barbs73 said I could ask her a question and then went silent when I asked it: Can you ask? #ows #tlot
.@barbs73: why do USChamber, Walmart, & McDonald's want immigration reform so much? Do they ever do things that increase their wage costs?
.@barbs73: excellent article at topix about immigration. Can I ask you a question?