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Stephanie Grisham
Washington, DC
@Whitehouse Director of Communications for @FLOTUS Melania Trump. Former Dep Press Sec for @potus. Tweets may be archived:
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.@VFlores_KRIS: you ask @StephGrisham45 what Melania ordered at #Whataburger. Better question: what will keep Trump's successor from tearing down or just neglecting what little of Trump Wall is ever built? Be a journalist, not a propaganda-enabler. #KRIS6 #resist
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On our way out of town, @FLOTUS & @SecondLady decided to stop in to @Whataburger for some lunch! The American chain…
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.@StephGrisham45: are there actual pictures of @FLOTUS & @SecondLady eating a @Whataburger? Wasn't this yet more propaganda like when Kerry & Edwards visited the Newburgh Wendy's (this time with Melania as Teresa Heinz Kerry)? #MAGA #resist