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From @RanttMedia
At Trump’s Montana rally, some of his supporters seemed irritated. Some seemed unenthusiastic and even bored. Is t…
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From @DonnaBesneatte
@RanttMedia Can someone please find plaid shirt guy or lady with glasses and MAGA hat? I’d be interested in hearing…
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From @IamKatieMoe
@DonnaBesneatte @RanttMedia this was one of my favorites ‘we’ve picked up a lot of support’ plaid shirt guy ‘HAVE Y…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@IamKatieMoe @DonnaBesneatte @RanttMedia: have you ever noticed that every single thing #TheResistance does is like #PlaidShirtGuy, & all it does is help Trump? I Trump & his proxies to be engaged in debate on policy using tough Q's. Please explain why PSG is a smarter plan.