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Quahog, New England
Co-host Criminally Speaking Podcast (@criminallypod). Immune to gaslighting. Music is life. All views solely mine. The girl got reasons. They all got reasons.
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From @joshscampbell
A Trump adviser took exception to questions about the President's actions involving a foreign government, calling i…
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From @jasonglisson
@joshscampbell @SoSofieFatale @jimsciutto This was easily one of the most disturbing interviews I've seen that wasn…
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From @justdawn_
@joshscampbell @jimsciutto Peter Navarro seemed to think he was on Fox. That’s the only excuse for his belligerence…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jasonglisson: what those like @joshscampbell pretend are tough questions are like WWE pretending their conflicts are real. The last thing Josh wants is for *all* politicians to be asked truly tough policy questions. Josh's partisan hackery takes a backseat to the oath he took.
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From @SoSofieFatale
RT @saletan: The problem with Tom Cotton in the immigration talks isn't that he's conservative. The problem is that he's a liar. Some evide…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
The problem with Saletan is he can't figure out where opponents are most vulnerable & use it against them. Cotton's a big amnesty fan (see his The Hill OpEd). Can't can't use that to undercut him to Trump's base. MT @SoSofieFatale RT @saletan: The problem with Tom Cotton [etc]
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From @SoSofieFatale
@RBReich I can't believe you had to listen to Jeffrey Lord's disgusting insanity as if he's your peer. He is out of his gourd.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Reich can't show Lord wrong. It's hilarious & sad. MT @SoSofieFatale [to @RBReich] Jeffrey Lord [isn't] your peer. He is out of his gourd.