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Silence is death knell for our democracy!
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From @jeffzeleny
.@MikeBloomberg ad spending climbs to $42.5 million. To put this into context, he’s spending more on TV ads this we…
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From @soso08
@jeffzeleny @brianstelter @MikeBloomberg @DavidWright_CNN Surely that doesn’t include Tom Steyer. His ads have been everywhere.
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From @bjneitzel
@jeffzeleny @chrislhayes @MikeBloomberg @DavidWright_CNN Think of what this spending could do in Senate races inste…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@bjneitzel: think of where we'd be if people like you hadn't enabled @jeffzeleny & his "enchanted" question. If you hadn't, he'd feel real heat to start asking pols - Trump, Bloomberg, etc. - real questions. Instead, you enable those like him. You're part of the problem.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@soso08: all the things you complain about from Trump to Bloomberg wouldn't have happened if those like Zeleny & @DavidWright_CNN ever did their jobs. CNN went very easy on Saddam in exchange for access, and those like Zeleny/Wright do the same with U.S. pols.