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Living rent free in your head
Just a guy who plays a cowboy and rides a steel horse•Veritas et Aequtias•USMC 0331•US Army 11B/12B•Medically Retired•Happily Married•#AmericaFirst•#MyTake
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RT @MarcusBrutus_: Please give @SIEMPRE_FIDEL a follow. He lost a large account due to censorship. He is a great MAGA warrior and US Mari…
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My data (real data, see my top tweet) shows #Twitter censors all types of users incl many libs. By falsely pretending it's all about cons, cons *help* TWTR by shrinking the tent. #MAGA MT @BasedInfidel MT @MarcusBrutus_: @SIEMPRE_FIDEL lost a large account due to censorship...