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Angel Jennings
Los Angeles, CA
Reporter @latimes covering #SouthLA, #Inglewood, #Compton, #Watts. DMV native, now a California Girl. I'm good on any MLK boulevard. Proud Husker
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From @AngelJennings
“Gentrify your own ’hood, before these people do it," Jay Z rapped. "Claim eminent domain and have your people movi…
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From @Lishhmo
@AngelJennings @latimes Jay z and b are not about to open shop in a place to be seen every other day. They like the…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Lishhmo: parts of L.A. had covenants against blacks into the 40s (maybe 50s). "Gentrification" is just code for "no honkies allowed". @AngelJennings is just a throwback, in reverse.