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#TheResistance Proud liberal,political junkie, on line activist,seeking truth, justice, & peace, for ALL!No haters need follow! Block RWNJs! Kindness matters
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RT @cyzart50: @andydean2014 Trump deals in salacious slime . You , Katrina Pierson , Kayleigh McEnany , Jeff Lord et al and all peddle dirtโ€ฆ
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.@solaranoir @cyzart50: point out to hosts where @andydean2014 appears that he can't even answer simple questions about Trump's policies.
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From @CozmicJunkyard
@JeffJlpa1 says HRC started as a politician. Uh, atty and then FLOTUS! Geez, read a book Jeffrey Lord. #UniteBlue @sheenA_8886 @solaranoir
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CozmicJunkyard: best way to undercut @JeffJlpa1 is to organize & make happen. Trump is a very weak strongman. #ows