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Father, Husband, Tennis, Runner. Rehabbing political partisan, in a clique of one.
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RT @HawkinsUSA: I almost hope Trump is the one who manages to sign a worse -than-gang-of-8 "comprehensive" bill just so I can laugh at Coul…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
DERPMT @MarcTGroveSr RT @HawkinsUSA: I almost hope Trump signs a worse -than-gang-of-8 "comprehensive" bill just so I can laugh at Coulter
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.@MarcTGroveSr @HawkinsUSA: I dislike Coulter more than you, but I put USA first. You do that too and then help stop Trump's amnesty. #MAGA
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.@MarcTGroveSr @HawkinsUSA: to stop Trump's amnesty, undercut his proxies/helpers (like Chuck Woollery) to #MAGA as amnesty fans.
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From @SonnyBunch
Welp. Better reset the Vox correction clock.
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From @HawkinsUSA
@SonnyBunch To be fair this is the site that hired @mattyglesias who basically said watching his wife give birth made him more pro-dead baby
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HawkinsUSA @SonnyBunch: I left 100s of comments showing Yglesias wrong as his various sites since 2002. Where were you then? In prison?
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.@HawkinsUSA: before the first time Obama beat the #GOP, were you reading @AceOfSpadesHQ? What was his plan to win? Remember? #tcot #tgdn