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New York City
Sports Illustrated soccer/fútbol. New York Times Best Selling Author. Planet Fútbol written, podcast & video. Se habla Español. Married to @celinegounder.
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Yoo Yedlin has me dying over here, making fun of Neymar and his dives. "Did you watch the World Cup???"
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.@RGonzalezCBS: hilarious! Meanwhile, the great majority of Americans have no idea there's a #USMNT game on because they sold out to Murdoch (assuming it's even on FS1). @USSoccer make MNT/WNT a specialty sport. That reduces interest, reducing quality of future MNTs. @grantwahl
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GrantWahl: direct us to those (besides me) who try to get #ESPN to show more #soccer: Direct us to those (besides me) who complain about #USMNT, #USWNT, & #soccer in general being hidden away on channels millions (sometimes 10s of millions) don't get:
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From @GrantWahl
Mailbag time! Send your thoughtful/probing/funny questions on all things soccer, and I’ll answer the best ones in a column.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@GrantWahl: last time #USMNT was in World Cup, pretend-conservatives Coulter, Medved, etc. all wrote the same anti- #soccer column. Direct us to those (besides me) who've tried to show them wrong to their base: