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Reformed criminal attorney turned journalist • @columbiajourn + @fordhamlawnyc grad • currently @washingtonpost
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From @TheChalkOutline
Woman beats a 91-year-old Mexican man with a brick, tells him to ‘go back to your country’ by @thedeannapaul
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.@TheChalkOutline: @thedeannapaul falsely tries to give the impression Trump had something to do with the incident. Have you ever been to Willowbrook? How many decades do black/Hispanic hostilities in South L.A. (and East/Northeast L.A.) go back?
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From @LukeHastings1
@thedeannapaul Hi, I work for the BBC World Service radio in London. I am trying to get into contact with you about…
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.@LukeHastings1: if like @thedeannapaul you falsely try to give impression Trump had something to do with that you'll also destroy your reputation. Willowbrook is next to Watts. Like rest of South L.A. it used to be mostly black. Hispanics moved in decades ago, leading to issues.