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The Great State of Texas
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@TPPatriots: @MikeLeeforUtah @GroverNorquist & @jennybethm busy discussing liberty! @FreedomWorksPAC”
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From @MarcieDreyer
@GroverNorquist @TPPatriots @MikeLeeforUtah @jennybethm @FreedomWorksPAC Do they know of your Muslim Brotherhood connection????
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.@MarcieDreyer: not only is @jennybethm friendly with the loose borders @GroverNorquist, she refuses to help stop amnesty. #teaparty #tcot
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.@MarcieDreyer: look up *liberals* who support @AnniseParker & point out she's on same basic side of #immigration as WalMart & USChamber.
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From @24aheaddotcom
.@MarcieDreyer: @TheRightScoop banned me for defending myself against libel. Plz find another site that carries Levin's audio. #immigration