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Linda Bayless
English teacher, lover of wildlife and wildlife photography
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From @EliStokols
“He wants, like, a catatonic loyalty, and he wants you to be behind the backlights.” — @Scaramucci to…
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From @LindaBayless9
@EliStokols @NicolleDWallace @Scaramucci @AshleyRParker @PhilipRucker It seems Pence has found his place in the world.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@LindaBayless9: Pence is extremely vulnerable to #MAGA (where it counts to Trump) because he's a big amnesty fan (he even had his own amnesty fan). He's linked to Koch (like other Trump lackeys). List all the times @EliStokols etc have used what Pence is actually vulnerable on: