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MT @Michaelcware4 RT @Fahrenthold: NEW: Two new plaintiffs join suit against Trump, alleging breach of Constitution's emoluments clause
.@Michaelcware4: how long has @Fahrenthold rabidly opposed Trump? How long has he completed failed? Isn't it time to admit he's incompetent?
.@TheLionness8: why, again, do you want to deprive MX etc of the people they need to stay there & demand reforms? @Fahrenthold
.@TheLionness8: policies of you & @Fahrenthold mean some illegal aliens will always be here w/o citizenship. I want them to return home.
Doesn't apply here. MT @TheLionness8 [a moi] @Fahrenthold Brits also refused the colonies the right to complete citizenship & representation
Just not for Mexico. MT @TheLionness8 @Fahrenthold nah it doesn't reflect badly on me at all. It actually demonstrates my compassion.
.@TheLionness8: every good thing you say about DREAMers reflects badly on you. Like past colonialists, you'd steal from MX. @Fahrenthold
MT @TheLionness8 [a moi] @Fahrenthold [DREAMers] more than any1 deserve a shot at American dream. They came here thru no fault of their own
Do you deny that Obama gave DREAMers temp passes to prevent deportation? MT @TheLionness8 @Fahrenthold keep living in ur small world honey
.@TheLionness8: DREAMers are citizens of other countries. You & @Fahrenthold would screw Americans:
DREAMers are by definition aliens. MT @TheLionness8 [a moi] @Fahrenthold DREAMERs ARE Americans u nincampoop. Get ur head out of ur ass
.@Fahrenthold: either you support depriving some Americans of college, or you aren't enough of a journalist to call Trump out. Which is it?
.@Fahrenthold: Trump has repeatedly indicate he supports #DREAMAct or similar. It'd let illegal aliens keep some Americans out of college.
.@kpfallon @Fahrenthold: your parent spent all that $$$ on journalism school and you sold out what little principles you had, for *that*?
Is that your career? MT @kpfallon RT @Fahrenthold: @heatstreet [was right], Trump's daughter Tiffany is also registered to vote in 2 states
Trump trounced Fahrenthold & The Rick. #derp MT @masg66 RT @TheRickWilson: Though @Fahrenthold has beaten him like a rented mule on this...
.@vgr: it was those like @Fahrenthold who (apparently) lost the election to Trump. If he'd understood Trump voters & undercut DT to them...
.@originalspin: have anything @kurteichenwald or @Fahrenthold written touched on anything that makes Trump popular to his base? Yes, or no?
MT @originalspin [2 hacks set] gold standard for political reporting this cycle: @kurteichenwald & @Fahrenthold. Wish we had more like them.
And Stanley Kurtz is still looking for Whitey Tape MT @Tamaraw68415067 RT @Fahrenthold: I'm looking for 3 items Trump bought w/ charity $
#Trump2016 RT @Fahrenthold Update: Have not heard from @michaelcohen212 or @realdonaldtrump since Cohen said my story was "patently false."
.@Fahrenthold: those like @charlescwcooke can't even stop an extremely flawed candidate like Trump. #idiocracy #NRO #NeverTrump