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serenitys beach✨
Kindness, laughter, hockey, the beach ... grateful for LE/first responders, tequila and dogs ... all the good dogs ❤️
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From @WesleyLowery
This scene -- a 17-month-year-old girl with a bullet hole through her lip -- joins a grim roster of mass shooting a…
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From @serenitysbeach
@WesleyLowery there are no words. a sliver of humanity in this horror can be found in the incredible outpouring o…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@serenitysbeach: AFAICT, there were zero non-crime-related mass shootings in the 13+ years when machine guns were freely available. P.S. @WesleyLowery is also a racist: he assumes any group of whites must be KKK. Not only all that, he can't show fiscal con ideas wrong.