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Proud to support PRESIDENT TRUMP🇺🇸, The STORM brings PAIN🌪⚡️, JESUS♥️SAVES, ♥️My Country,🇺🇸, TY Veterans🇺🇸☆Israel☆ 🇺🇸TRUMP2020🇺🇸
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From @joelpollak
Instead of showing any sort of contrition whatsoever, @ilhanmn @ilhan is retweeting attacks on ⁦@MeghanMcCain⁩ for…
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From @Honey223344
@joelpollak @MeghanMcCain @IlhanMN @Ilhan Her remarks weren't anti semitic. Sunny read them today. I'm so glad Sunn…
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From @BebeJaser
@Honey223344 @joelpollak @MeghanMcCain @IlhanMN @Ilhan The whole panel is shit without Sunny ️
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From @my2gr8girls
@BebeJaser @Honey223344 @joelpollak @MeghanMcCain @IlhanMN @Ilhan You should have stopped after shit !
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@my2gr8girls: FYI, @joelpollak supports amnesty. Not only that, #Breitbart has pushed various amnesty (like the Goodlatte amnesty). Do you support amnesty like Breitbart & Joel Pollak?