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Roaming Central & South TX
Cornell Law ‘14. Finance, law, politics, България. Tweets may appear more condescending than intended, apologies in advance for that.
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From @samillertimes
Self-declared socialist AOC splurges on high-dollar hairdo - @ASwoyer @WashTimes
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From @CountryOfTexas1
@samillertimes @ASwoyer @WashTimes Again, they go to DC not to represent the people but to get rich.
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From @Whey_standard
@CountryOfTexas1 @samillertimes @ASwoyer @WashTimes I, too, get rich by spending money.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Whey_standard: those like @ASwoyer shouldn't dare to use logical fallacies like AOC's $300 haircut, except your leaders keep helping them. Maddow etc only snark & smear, when not using the same flawed arguments like Alex. Start demanding your leaders do a credible job.