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Sebastien Meunier
New York, USA
Business Transformation, #CyberSecurity, #Privacy & #Innovation in Finance | Debunking the hype around #Fintech #AI #Blockchain | #COO #FinTech #金融科技
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From @geoffgolberg
In case you weren't convinced that there's a massive XRP/Ripple astroturfing campaign
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From @sbmeunier
@geoffgolberg @colingplatt Everyone is already convinced (except XRP trolls of course)
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From @geoffgolberg
@sbmeunier @colingplatt Everyone except @yoyoel and the rest of his team at Twitter team who continue to allow plat…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@geoffgolberg: @yoyoel, delbius, @vijaya, etc are extremely vulnerable. They censor millions of all kinds of users. All non-verifieds need to be worried. See my pinned tweet for real data. If all the users who should be worried were, Twitter would be in deep, deep trouble.