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Samuel Woolley
San Francisco, CA
Propaganda, automation and Fun. Director, DigIntel Lab @IFTF. Fellow @ADL_National @GMFUS. Affiliate @Polbots @OIIOxford @Citrisnews @StanfordPACS.
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My latest piece is out, exploring what we’ve learned about disinfo in the last few years: who’s sharing it, who’s r…
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@KellyKborn @BostonJoan @samuelwoolley @j_a_tucker I’m more worried about the actual voting machines than people reading stupid news tbh.
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If Born etc were sincere so would they. They're not letting a good crisis go to waste by pursuing their goal of quashing dissent. They're also serving Putin's interests. MT @momztweet [to @KellyKborn] I’m more worried about voting machines than people reading stupid news tbh