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Rick Joseph
Florida, USA
Former CPA, also owned a specialty Day Spa. Studied Political Science & Psychology as well...All the opinions and tongue ‘n cheek humor are my own.
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From @CortesSteve
Please join me shortly, about 8:30pm ET on @CNN with @AC360 talking Pres Trump and race relations.
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From @Maureen_OHara
@CortesSteve @CNN @AC360 I don't know what's funnier listening to you or watching Celebrity Big Brother
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Maureen_OHara: help force @CortesSteve to either openly & actively oppose Trump's amnesty (separating him from Trump) or anything else (& destroying his future career for being pro-amnesty). Trump put Steve in a terrible spot but if no one else forces the issue Trump wins.
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From @rickyj915
@CortesSteve @CNN @AC360 I watched you tonight going against Charles Blow. I just have one question for you: During…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@rickyj915: @CortesSteve & other Trump proxies get away with it because of all the people like you. Trump IS PUSHING AMNESTY. Either Cortes supports that & wants to destroy his career, or he'll actively oppose it (separating him from Trump). How about just concentrating on that?