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Supreme Court Appears Ready to Let Trump End ‘Dreamers’ Program - The New York Times
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From @web_rant
@adamliptak @EricLiptonNYT "Supreme Court Appears Ready to Let Trump________" With the 5/4 Kavanaugh Court you can…
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@adamliptak @TedNesi I'm going to agree with him & predict 0.0 DACA kids are deported.
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.@GeorgeWPratt: Trump's a big amnesty fan. He's repeatedly hinted at legalizing DACA "kids" & he's now open about that. DACA/DREAM harms U.S. worker/students & foreign countries. Trump's supposed opponents can't use that because they too would harm the same groups.
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.@web_rant: NYT constantly deceives about immigration. Eg, by hiliting supposed upsides of DACA/DREAM while ignoring the huge downsides. Not surprising: they're owned by a billionaire who profits from the situation. @adamliptak isn't credible: he's paid by Slim to deceive.