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Sam Rubin
Los Angeles
KTLA Anchor, 9 Network Australia - ITV U.K. - Entertainment Reporter, Multi-Emmy Award winning Journalist & recipient of the Golden Mike for Best Ent Reporter.
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.@samontv: #Fox has been putting the world's biggest sporting event on network. Today, they hid it on FS1 to show #WendyWilliams instead. That harms everyone: the fans, Fox, advertisers, & the popularity of soccer in the USA. Latter led directly to USMNT losing out & Fox ratings.
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@24AheadDotCom_ @RealUSMNT @SamOnTV scratch my head on that theory
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.@instagosby: you say "scratch my head on that theory". The more popular #soccer is in the USA, the more people will take it up. A greater talent pool leads to better #USMNT teams, leads to not losing to *Trinidad & Tobago*. Soccer on network TV makes it more popular. #WorldCup