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Brandy Turpin
Charlotte, NC
graphic designer, writer, dog mommy, mountain-lifer
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From @ScottAdamsSays
Scott Adams talks about the Russian puppets called Antifa. And whoa Nelly. With coffee.
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From @MarkTrueblood
@ScottAdamsSays I hope you have proof this is Russia, or else you’re just mimicking CNN-style propaganda.
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From @AReznickov
@MarkTrueblood @ScottAdamsSays - Mama, where's my school breakfast? - It was stolen by Russian hackers!
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From @MarkTrueblood
@AReznickov @ScottAdamsSays
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From @MikeEnglewood
@MarkTrueblood @AReznickov @ScottAdamsSays Except for the part where Russia hacked DNC emails and then distributed…
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From @brandywinetru1
@MikeEnglewood @MarkTrueblood @AReznickov @ScottAdamsSays Hillary owes someone (Kissinger? Alaweed? Soros?) a war w…
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From @AReznickov
@brandywinetru1 @MikeEnglewood @MarkTrueblood @ScottAdamsSays And Russia is still waiting for the militant frenzy o…
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From @MarkTrueblood
@AReznickov @brandywinetru1 Lots of Americans including me think they are foolish and we do not perceive RUS as an enemy.
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From @AReznickov
@MarkTrueblood @brandywinetru1 I sincerely hope that our peoples will never consider each other as enemies. I have…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Just like my #UrgeElitesToDoFarmWork plan! Except, not being a Putin stooge, I'd apply it to #MAGA *and* #resist leaders. MT @AReznickov I have a dream-to send all inadequate politicians to... a remote Siberian taiga. Fresh air and physical labor work miracles with people