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Samir Saran
New Delhi
President, ORF (@orfonline). #India #Tech #Climate #BRICS #Energy #FP #GlobalGov. Chair #CyFy and Curate #RaisinaDialogue. Commissioner @thegcsc, Views personal
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From @misskaul
They say India changes a person, and we have the buttons to prove it!! Thanks for a great visit @jack - we’re so…
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From @_AimA_
@misskaul @jack @TwitterIndia @samirsaran Does he know he is standing with a Brahmin?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@_AimA_: in order to undercut Twitter & force changes, you have to do it in a way most users can understand. @misskaul & Twitter are extremely vulnerable because they lie to millions of their users by ghosting them. See my top tweet. Use that against them & you'll force changes.