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Michelle Peavy
Texas, USA
Mother:wife:veteran: open-minded: cooperation takes understanding: #don'ttreadonme #livefreeordie #climateresiliance ....Not a fan of Facebook
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From @JulianCastro
During Thanksgiving week, let’s remember that millions of Americans don't have enough food to eat. That’s why toda…
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From @HarmonyHealing3
@JulianCastro We spend billions on elections - yet as a "wealthy" nation, we still have extreme poverty: lack of ho…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@HarmonyHealing3: @JulianCastro 's "anti-hunger" plan is just corporate socialism. He wants to increase immigration - giving Big Biz all the cheap labor they want, lowering wages, increasing hunger - but he wants everyone except Big Biz to pay for his bandaid. Be a real liberal