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Any politics worth its' salt is rooted in direct action!
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From @jdawsey1
Aid was held from Ukraine in July. POTUS then repeatedly pressured president to probe Hunter Biden. Trump nixed a m…
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From @dikell3
@jdawsey1 How is this legal? Why is this not treason?
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From @vw8
@jdawsey1 @qjurecic Caught, red handed. @SpeakerPelosi there is no reason you shouldn’t hold daily press briefings, daily hearings on this.
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From @BobbyFSmith
@vw8 @jdawsey1 @qjurecic @SpeakerPelosi She won't. Our party is weak.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@dikell3: if you look back, you'll find Hannity/Breitbart/etc saying highly-similar things about Obama that @jdawsey1 now says about Trump. They were constantly amazed - through both Obama terms - at what he did. Do you think acting like Hannity is the way to oppose Trump?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Weak & corrupt. Dem leaders can't go after Trump where he's most vulnerable (how weak he is on immigration) because they agree with him. MT @BobbyFSmith She won't. Our party is weak. MT @vw8 [Trump is] Caught, red handed [Pelosi must] hold... daily hearings on this