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Yeganeh Torbati
Washington, D.C.
Covering immigration @Reuters in DC; previously covered Iran. Oklahoma-born. Hablo Español//فارسی بلدم Tips, story suggestions:
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The White House is eying former FAIR executive director Julie Kirchner to lead USCIS. Story with @anitakumar01…
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From @BMbsf
@tedhesson @yjtorbati @anitakumar01 @AndrewRestuccia Kakistocracy...
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.@BMbsf @Ed650b: FYI, #Twitter censored your replies to TedHesson. Log in as a different user & look at his reply page: your tweets are invisible. If you don't like being silenced, find a reporter to cover the findings at my pinned tweet. (That'll also show Trump & GOP wrong).
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RT @yjtorbati: The travel ban - which set the tone for Trump's presidency - affects tens of thousands of people and reshapes lives in profo…
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While his ban was blocked, either Trump ramped up screening enough (and thus his ban wasn't needed), or he didn't (and thus he endangered the USA). It'd be smart of you to get Trump or his proxies pressed on that. MT @susanmcp1 MT @yjtorbati: The travel ban [was bad]