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SVP, Endeavor Streaming. Family/friends/dogs/wine/beer/foodcart/travel/TV/movie lover. I also exercise. Your thoughts are endorsing my RT's
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From @Olivianuzzi
“This woke-working class divide is at the heart of the most salient fact about the Democratic primaries: Nothing ha…
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From @RonWechsler
@Olivianuzzi @RyanLizza This feels very spot on to me. Somewhat ironic that much of @politico coverage guilty of s…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@RonWechsler: hey Ron, have any @Olivianuzzi pastiches ever had any impact on anything? Can you find even one case of any of her blogs having any sort of impact on how the Trump admin or ecosystem does anything? Is she any use at holding Trump accountable?