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@BreitbartNews reporter. Legit thanks to Jesus. Pats, Bruins & Sox fan. Obsessed w/ bulldogs. PB cookies are my weakness. All opinions are my own.
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DeSantis makes good on his campaign promise.
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@hannahbleau_ Democrats hate when Republicans keep their campaign promises.
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.@RoyParret: Breitbart has repeatedly pushed amnesty. Now, @hannahbleau_ hypes DeSantis supposedly ending sanctuary cities. Except he hasn't: his successor or the FL courts/legislature will bring them back. Only solid arguments will end SCs. Breitbart is allergic to them.
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From @RedIsTheNewPunk
This is my best friend @hannahbleau_ . This picture is by @_daniellebleau. I miss them both like crazy.…
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.@RedIsTheNewPunk: hey Ashley, @hannahbleau_ blogs about Gillibrand running for Pres. Several years ago Gillibrand was anti-amnesty. The pro-amnesty side caused her to switch sides. I tried to stop it, but I got zero help from cons. Exactly what use are cons to the USA?