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Jessica Kania, DVM
Chicago, IL
uppity women unite | feminist, banana walnut muffin loving fiend, veterinarian (in that order) | she/her | #OneHealth | #SoMeDocs
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From @alec_h_tyson
A large majority of political independents 'lean' to either the Republican Party or Democratic Party. But what defi…
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From @robin_jbrooks
@alec_h_tyson @pewresearch I like the concept of this study, but we need to account for the fact that many American…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@robin_jbrooks: @alec_h_tyson has a habit of skewing things. An earlier report he co-authored greatly inflated the # of immigrants in the U.S. by including naturalized citizens (who are *not* immigrants) in the number. Alec Tyson just isn't credible.