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Julie Gallagher
Washington, DC
assignment editor with the @CNNPolitics team | @merrillcollege UMD alum | a little bit Alexis
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 The complete @CNN debate line-up: 7/30 Sanders Warren Buttigieg O’Rourke Klobuchar Williamson Delaney Hickenloo…
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From @NateBlanchett
@_JulieGallagher @ANuteDawn @CNN Not letting Tulsi on the same stage with Bernie again to tag team taking down the…
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.@NateBlanchett: that'd be slightly humorous to some if CNN & those like @_JulieGallagher weren't greatly harming the U.S. *All* candidates need to be called on their policies (doing so would've stopped Trump). CNN is just an entertainment channel all about horserace & intrigue.