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Official Twitter for Congressman Matt Gaetz. Proud conservative who is honored to serve the First District of Florida.
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From @TassinCharles
@RepMattGaetz @RepJerryNadler #gop #Hypocrisy RT
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@TassinCharles: so, your main & only argument against @RepMattGaetz appears to be a mug shot, much like the main & only GOP argument against Hunter Biden. Name a specific Gaetz *policy* you disagree with & explain to me why you think he's wrong.
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From @RepMattGaetz
.@RepJerryNadler was literally campaigning on impeachment before the president even made the call to Zelensky! It’…
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From @jch2407_girl
@RepMattGaetz @RepJerryNadler I can’t stand the lawlessness, whataboutism, and the lying. Your membership in the Am…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jch2407_girl: Dems want to silence 10s of millions of Americans who voted for Trump & they've never once - not even about something minor - been willing or able to engage Trump on the ginormous flaws in his plans and show him wrong. Impeachment = cheating due to low-wattage.
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From @CuomoPrimeTime
Republican @RepMattGaetz: "In my discussion with the President earlier today he was willing to do anything it took…
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From @Catheri77262285
@CuomoPrimeTime @ChrisCuomo @RepMattGaetz @ChrisCuomo for President!!!!!!!!!!!
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Catheri77262285: Hannity, Trump, & Kellyanne are extremely vulnerable because they're pro-amnesty. Has @ChrisCuomo ever gone after them over that? Future Congresses would neglect/tear down Trump's slats. Has Cuomo tried to inform MAGA of that to undercut Trump?
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From @mattgaetz
This article is instantly one of my favorite things. Whatcha say @aoc? Wanna legalize some cannabis with me?…
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From @whoisciv
@mattgaetz @RepMattGaetz @AOC Notice how many supposedly tough guys like Matt are extremely interested in and alway…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@whoisciv: @AOC is extremely vulnerable because she's extremely pro-Big Biz on immigration. She'd give WalMart, U.S. Chamber, & the Koch bros all the cheap labor they want. Both you & @mattgaetz don't want to mention that: you're both NeoLiberals at heart.
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From @trish_regan
#ICYMI @RepMattGaetz on #Googlehearing: “Google claims to have found no bias but they also claim not to have looked…
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From @Bartholomew1154
@trish_regan @RepMattGaetz I wstched the hearing. You're mischaracterizing what he said. In fact, nobody on the pan…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Bartholomew1154: you can do real damage to reputations of @trish_regan & @RepMattGaetz if you find a reporter to cover the Twitter censorship data at my top tweet. The data shows that everything they say about Twitter censorship is wrong. Help undercut them to their audience.
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From @FoxBusiness
.@RepMattGaetz to @trish_regan on tax reform bill: "My hope is that we won't view this as an end point but as reall…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Like the wealthy who want lower taxes? MT @FoxBusiness @RepMattGaetz to @trish_regan on tax reform bill: "[I hope] we won't view this as end point but as really the beginning of a thorough review of the laws in DC to ensure that they don't bend to the will of special interests."