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Aaron Reichlin-Melnick
Washington, DC
Policy Counsel at @immcouncil. Formerly immigration lawyer at @LegalAidNYC through @IJCorps. Views expressed here are my own. RTs =/= endorsements.
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We sent this dad and his 3-year-old back to Mexico. They were kidnapped and tortured. Then we sent them back AGAIN.…
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@ReichlinMelnick @peterdaou @DHSgov I can’t even read this stuff. It’s so obvious that we, the US, are committing h…
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.@EveretMarsh: Trump's horrific, but @ReichlinMelnick is funded by immigration lawyers. More immigration = more money for them. It also means lower wage costs for U.S. Chamber, WalMart, Microsoft, etc. Everet Marsh is on the side of Big Biz, not workers.