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Dan Schutte
Charlottesville, VA
Anchor CBS19 News @ 6,10,11 Fmr wrestler. MN born. H2o skier. Edina-Washington DC-Eureka-Duluth-Charlottesville. It's possible I'm not as funny as I think I am
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From @henryolsenEPPC
The weather outside was frightful, but Dems might find Amy delightful. My latest in .@postopinions re: why Amy Klob…
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From @jwbakersd
@henryolsenEPPC @PostOpinions Interesting. I know very little about Klobuchar. What does she say about the Green…
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From @schuttedan
@henryolsenEPPC @PostOpinions Did you end your piece with the Wizard of Oz tie-in knowing that Judy Garland is from MN?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@schuttedan: hey Dan, @henryolsenEPPC blogs that Klobuchar is Trump's "worst nightmare". Let's think about that. Trump's been ferociously opposed for years & comes out ahead. Yet, Henry thinks Amy has some sort of supernatural magical ability the MSM & other Dems have lacked.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@jwbakersd: Dems/MSM (BIRM) have been unwittingly helping Trump for years. @henryolsenEPPC lives in a magical world where a Supergirl named Amy will upend all that. She & she alone knows the Secret Key to undercutting Trump. If she can undercut Trump, why hasn't she already?