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acting, dogs, Leeds United.
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From @JamieMorris
Looking for a pub in London for the game tomorrow with other #lufc fans that won't be showing the rugby. Any Sugges…
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From @__JackGuy
@JamieMorris @LUFCLondon @LUFC @TheSquareBall @TSSLUFC @ralphineson @Radebe_Leeds not sure if they are showing the…
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From @CaptNorth
@__JackGuy @JamieMorris @LUFCLondon @LUFC @TheSquareBall @TSSLUFC @ralphineson @Radebe_Leeds Yeah. Went there to wa…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CaptNorth: @__jackguy cheers #Ireland banning a meaningless preacher. What would you think if USA banned a flatearther lest he corrupt the public morals? You'd think we're a dumb country that couldn't even spell Western Civ, wouldn't you? Guy such a country.