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Phoenix, Az
Arizona-born Conservative Baby Boomer. Pro-Israel. Pro-Jesus. NRA. 17yrs business owner. Provided security for very wealthy. Actor. Writer. Reader. Retired.
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TRUE ==> RT @MarkSKrikorian: "Imported #H1B tech workers are just the white-collar version of indentured farm labor"
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.@markwonderful: Krikorian has no plan to stop Obama's amnesty, and he's too prideful to use smart plans to stop it. Please put USA first.
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RT @markwonderful: RT @LoriPatriot: "RED ALERT: DHS Contract Shows OBAMA Planned Alien Kid Border Invasion" …
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.@LoriPatriot @markwonderful: there's zero evidence Obama initiated border surge, only that DHS knew it was coming and planned for it. #tcot
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.@LoriPatriot @markwonderful: conspiracy theories aren't helpful. #1 priority is to block amnesty. Here's how:
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.@markwonderful: can you help me oppose amnesty by making the points on to his *fans*? @AlexConant #tcot