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Tracy Caudill ✍️🗽
Kentucky, USA
Mom, concerned citizen, first tweet March 2019. Facts! #OneLove #Resist #HANDMarkedPaperBallots
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From @barrypiatoff2
Right now @Will_Bunch is one of the top journalists writing about this time in history and his columns are a must-r…
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From @tcaudill4
@barrypiatoff2 @Will_Bunch Bunch lets the spineless 45 witnesses & enablers to lawlessness and corruption have it.…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
#MAGA hates amnesty. Trump is a big amnesty fan. Has Bunch ever even tried to use that to undercut Trump? Doesn't he just put on a show for an echo chamber? MT @tcaudill4 [cheers Will_Bunch] MT @barrypiatoff2 [cheers Will_Bunch]