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Carolyn Evertson #RightMatters #TruthMatters
Nashville, TN
Support our better angels|author•Vanderbilt emerita|VOTE BLUE WE’RE NOT THROUGH #ProtectTheVote2020 #FBR #Resistance #DACA #ClimateAction|DMs blocked|
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From @CarolynEvertso1
RT @Defeat_Trump2: Thank Trump/Fox for scaring Moralwriter into taking down the article formerly attached this tweet. Apparently it got way…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Defeat_Trump2: @CarolynEvertso1 have at least one thing in common: both support the anti-American, pro-Big Biz DACA. Trump is weakest on immigration, but opposing his actual position to undercut him to his base isn't going to work if you agree with him.