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Pete Kurz
Houston, Texas
We don't deserve dogs - If you remember the 70's, you really didn't live them - I'm a proud #NeverTrumper MAGA=Moscow Agents Governing America
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From @JenGRodgers
Here’s the thing about Barr’s testimony today on “spying”. It’s the wrong word. The chief law enforcement officer s…
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From @PKurz01
@JenGRodgers It wasn't the wrong word in his mind. He meant to say the word to give trump cover..
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PKurz01: if those like @JenGRodgers had obsessed over Trump fooling millions with his joke plans or Trump's gross incompetence on PR as much as they obsess over something very unlikely to work out, Trump would've lost or been out of office by now. You & she *help* Trump.