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Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. #Atheist #Writer #MarinesAgainstTrump #Constitution #FollowTheMoney #RuleOfLaw #SemperFidelis #TakeAKnee
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From @SpeakerPelosi
Condolences to the family of Carlos Gregorio Hernandez Vasquez, the fifth child to die in CBP custody since Decembe…
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From @Golgafrinchan
@SpeakerPelosi Is he impeachable yet? How about now?
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From @RaychelTania
@Golgafrinchan @SpeakerPelosi The ACLU sued Obama several times for alleged abuses of children in immigration deten…
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.@RaychelTania: "system is broken" is a Big Biz talking point to get amnesty to lower wages. What's broken is that the people don't hold pols accountable but act like fanboys. As a result, our pols are incredibly corrupt (e.g., getting paid to enable illegal immigration).