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I'm Peter Imanuelsen. Swedish freelance journalist. Political commentator. I despise Nazis & Communists. Love beats hate ❤️
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RT @PeterSweden7: Alex Jones Gavin McInnes Tommy Robinson InfoWars Jared Taylor Milo Yiannopolous Owen Benjamin James Woods The list goes o…
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Indeed. They all only opposed censorship of conservatives, and then were successfully censored. Why, it's almost like only opposing censorship of conservatives didn't work. #MAGA? MT @FeistyRealist MT @PeterSweden7: Alex Jones Gavin McInnes... The list goes on
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RT @PeterSweden7: Turns out I am QFD shadowbanned by Twitter. Here is how we can combat the censorship. Go in to your settings and TURN…
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Good advice, but the vast majority of #Twitter users don't even know about that. If you really want to hold TWTR accountable, find a reporter to cover the data at my pinned tweet. MT @Adorable_Todd MT @PeterSweden7 [turn off Twitter's content filter]