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Donna Banks
People person on east coast. Registered Republican but voting Dem in 2020. Love my family, dogs, photograhy, & have a family mbr in the B-ball Hall of Fame!
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From @mateagold
Breaking: Trump Organization fires more undocumented workers — a year after its use of illegal labor was revealed v…
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From @DonnaBa32369156
@mateagold @PhilipRucker @partlowj @Fahrenthold Some of the ones fired last year worked for him for 16 yrs & they k…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
It's sad how the corporate media can get liberals to support illiberal policies. Because Trump's horrid you enable policies that lower wages & increase border deaths. MT @DonnaBa32369156 [Trump alleged labor abuses of illegal aliens] MT @mateagold [Trump hired illegal aliens]