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Bowling Green, KY via the 502
WKU grad. #Louisville. UK basher Sarcasm. #Colts. #Preds fan. #Cubs fan. Secondary #Browns fan. Bachelor degree in weather and broadcasting minor.
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From @richeisen
I’ve never seen anything close to what Myles Garrett just did.
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From @FFCollective
@richeisen If @NFL doesn't suspend Garrett immediately for the rest of the NFL season it's a disgrace. that must b…
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From @BoucheH20
@richeisen Very few things would cause that... I'm guessing something really bad was said by Rudolph on the ground and then Miles went nutz
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From @PendleyWx
@BoucheH20 @richeisen Yep. I gotta feel THAT word was said. Never seen him get that angry.
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From @24aheaddotcom_
Apparently Eisen wasn't there when Ray Lewis - now in the NFL Hall Of Fame - was involved in a double murder. Not to mention OJ, Aaron H... #NFL is culturally-corrosive. MT @FFCollective [shock, horror] MT @richeisen I’ve never seen anything close to what Myles Garrett just did
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@PendleyWx: yeah, that explains it. No doubt that's why NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis was involved in that double murder. And why Aaron Hernandez was involved in his double murder. And OJ... You & @richeisen are fans of a culturally-corrosive joke of a sport.