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Cleuci de Oliveira
Brasília, Brazil
journalist | words @nytimes, @guardian, @foreignpolicy | still on twitter vacation 😎 | get in touch:
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From @jessesingal
This is intellectually dishonest of the ACLU. There is of course no evidence that postpubescent women can compete w…
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From @CLEUCl
@jessesingal few things are more insidious in activist journalism than deflection-by-hyperlink
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@CLEUCl: @jessesingal claims #ACLU is "intellectually dishonest" re sports. ACLU etc hypes the millions made from pvt #immigration detention to help Big Biz make billions from illegal labor. You see Singal calling them on helping the powerful make money? Of course not.