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Chris Schultz ✈️
🍷Healdsburg ☕️ SF ♥️ NOLA
CEO @launchpad. Invest @voodoo, co-founded @flatstack. Cohost @ecosystemsummit. Generally in need of a haircut. All-in with @annedriscoll
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From @AndrewYang
Let's show them what we can do! Donate to show your support. #YangGang #DemDebate
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From @nataliewalkeris
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From @cschultz
@AndrewYang Crushed it. Just donated. Keep it up man! #yanggang
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@nataliewalkeris: hey Natalie, if @AndrewYang wants to beat Trump in the general, he'd have to show Trump wrong to his base. Has Yang - or even anyone in #YangGang - ever made a valid anti-Trump argument that'd undercut Trump to MAGA? Say, over his Puerto Rico incompetence?
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@cschultz: you & @AndrewYang are businessmen of some kind, you have to develop & implement plans, etc. Trump's Puerto Rico response was grossly incompetent. Despite that, Yang has never called Trump proxies on that with the goal of undercutting Trump to his base. Explain.