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From @Sugarsnewball
I must have misunderstood Obamas pathetic statement
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From @BigPat1029
@Sugarsnewball you tweet from a poodle acct you are scared shitless of refugees and u think America doesnt nd gunsense laws im not surprised
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From @MusicByJules
@patrick102977 Unless you have steel balls you should be afraid of the shitbag Terrorists coming thru bogus refugee program. @sugarsnewball
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From @BigPat1029
@MusicByJules @Sugarsnewball our govt puts refugees through a very thorough vetting process much easier for a terrorist2fly over for a visit
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From @MusicByJules
@patrick102977 Oh really?! What lists do they review since Syria has no lists & these refugees have no paperwork. Study up. @sugarsnewball
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@MusicByJules: @patrick102977 is a nobody. What's your plan to make those with power oppose more refugees?