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Baby boomer, Wife, Mother, Grandmother. I am from a generation where people agreed to disagree with respect no matter what political party they followed. ❤️☮️
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ICYMI: today on #LetsGetAfterIt, @ChrisCuomo says he doesn't buy that there is enough emotion and reaction formati…
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From @Mo05222402
@SXMPOTUS @ChrisCuomo This is a scary fact that Trump will get re-elected for 4 more long years! The Senate Republi…
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From @24aheaddotcom_
.@Mo05222402: if Trump wins again, it'll be because of those like @ChrisCuomo. One example: he highlights that those Trump pardoned are white, when all that matters is what they can do for Trump. Just one word shows how little Cuomo groks Trump. "Know thine enemy" & he doesn't.